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  • Philosophy

    When it comes to athletics, I don't believe high school hockey in Minnesota takes a back seat to any sport played at this level in any state. A trip to St. Paul to witness the annual State Tournament is evidence enough to support my view. It's a nostalgic thing at times, as I watch a game and remember so many great players I've seen in the past. There are many I wish I had seen play high school hockey, also, such as Huffer Christensen, John Mayasich, Henry Boucha, and so on. I think the present is interwined with the past, given the rich tradition of the sport in this state. Inevitably, a discussion of current stars almost always leads to "hey, remember when...".

    About these web pages; the person who told me several years ago "your money, your page, your rules" struck the nail on the head. I'm not interested in compromising anything about these pages just to attract more "hits". I would rather maintain a page where I can say what I want (and get only 10 hits a day as a result), then maintain a page that attempts to be "all things to all people" just to attract 1,000 hits a day. To those who appreciate what they see on these pages, keep coming back! To those who don't, either offer constructive advice or go elsewhere for your information.

    My primary object in doing this is for fun. I'm not interested in monetary gain, not interested in awards, not interested in accolades. I reserve those for my job . It takes time to maintain these pages, and it's been worth it during the nineteen seasons I've run this site.

    With that being said, if you're playing the game, have fun with it! The high school years will be a memory before you know it, so enjoy every game, every shot, every check, every pass while you can. If you're watching the game, remember what I said before, and remember that this is "entertainment" and not life-and-death.

    And whenever you get the chance, take your kid (or anyone's kid) to a game, remembering what it was like to play or attend games when you were younger!

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    last updated august 6, 2015